Another Beautiful Tribute to Patrick

Here is another wonderful tribute created by a reader of the Progressive Parent.


In Memory of Patrick

In Memory of Patrick

On Friday night, a mother found her 14 month old son unresponsive. A trip to the emergency room did not bring him back.

Julie and Patrick spent all their time together – day and night. He was just learning to wave and took his first steps days earlier. As we look at photos and read the remembrances, our own heartache grows deeper, and our tears flow without abandon.

As we fall asleep at night, we think of Julie; her engorged breasts a reminder that her precious love is gone and will not fall asleep in her arms tonight.

We want to help. We do not know what to do. We hope that somehow our own heartache will join with hers to offer her strength or comfort. We pray that she feels our love and compassion from a whole world away.  We wait for the universe to recognize its wrong and return this precious little boy to the loving arms of his mother and father.

We know this cannot happen, and with that comes the deeper understanding of all that Julie, Danny, and siblings Tobin, Annika, Aiden, and Piper have to face. We want to do something, but what can we do?

Over the last three days we have seen people stepping up to do what they can. From finding and transporting a breast pump so that Julie can donate her milk, to having meals, prayers, and love delivered by the hour, people have offered support.

This includes Patrick’s parents, Julie and Danny. They made an unthinkable decision for their own son. They have donated the valves of Patrick’s heart to children who need them- one newborn just four days old,  and one toddler- so that they may live. They have donated Patrick’s corneas to a child whose sight will now improve.

These selfless and meaningful choices exemplify the life that Julie and Danny have chosen to live.

Through her own advocacy work at The Progressive Parent, Julie has spent countless and selfless hours helping to educate parents and speak on behalf of children. Even though this means her own family has gone without.

Now it is time for us to step up too. Money does not fix the pain and hurt, but it can ease financial worries. It can cover funeral costs for a baby who should be in his parents arms, it can provide take out meals for a family who cannot lift their arms to cook, it can allow mom and dad to console big brothers and sisters, who miss their precious baby brother.

Money will never help to ease the pain of this family, but it will help to make their lives easier. Please donate generously to this family by clicking here. If you can spare $5 (minimum donation) or $100, we ask that you consider helping a family in need.

At at a time when the loss in unthinkable, let’s allow this family to have to think about less.